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Future glass window market highlights two main trends

Energy loss through Windows and doors accounts for about 50% of the building, of which energy loss through glass accounts for about 75%. Under certain conditions, the heat radiation and conduction of

Feb. 15 domestic soda price trend forecast

Since early February, the price of soda ash in the east China market has dropped, including the ex-factory price of light alkali 1650-1700 yuan/ton and that of heavy alkali 1900-1950 yuan/ton. At pres

Take a look at the high-speed annual analysis report on the investment and output of China's plate glass industry

First in flat glass industry, China in recent years to keep more than 20% of the country's average annual growth of investment in fixed assets, industrialization, speed up urbanization process, real e

The popularization of fireproof glass provides protection against fire in residential buildings

After the "11·15" fire broke out in Shanghai, people from all walks of life paid attention to it. In order to prevent the recurrence of similar tragedies, some experts in China have asked whether ordi
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