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Nanjing Yaoqiang Glass Co., Ltd. was established in March 2010 with a registered capital of 13 million yuan and a plant area of 12000 square meters.

The company focus on the future, people-oriented, strictly control product quality, strict technology, so that products have been in the forefront of the same industry, has been widely recognized by the community. Since the establishment of the company, under the strong support of all customers and friends from all walks of life, we have actively explored the market and established cooperation business with many famous enterprises.

In order to meet the customer's requirements for product quality, the quality of personnel has been strictly screened and continuously improved through training.

The company's product quality and inspection management system are operated in strict accordance with the third level documents (inspection procedures and specifications) to ensure product quality. Our products are well received by customers. Our company has relatively good software and hardware facilities and a capable and efficient team. As long as we grasp the pulse of the market, strictly control the product quality, be highly responsible for customers, strengthen internal and external management and make friends, we believe that Nanjing Yaoqiang Glass Co., Ltd. can make great progress in today's fierce market competition.


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