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In December, the national average price of float glass overall decline

In December, the national average price of glass announced that float glass fell across the board, is expected to remain weak in January. The national average glass price for December 2010 was announc

Spring Festival Holiday Notice

The Spring Festival holiday arrangement of nanjing yaqiang glass co., ltd. is as follows: January 29, 2011 solstice February 8 holiday, February 9, 2011 (the seventh day of the first lunar month) offi

Expert analysis: four safety glass characteristics and selection strategies

At present the safety glass on the market basically has 4 kinds: toughened glass, sandwich glass, half toughened sandwich glass, toughened sandwich glass. Among them sandwich glass price is higher, an

India to impose high anti-dumping duties on Chinese glass fibre

India is considering imposing anti-dumping duties of up to 40.9 per cent on glass fibre imports from China to protect domestic producers. Fiberglass is used as a secondary electrical insulation and in

Future glass window market highlights two main trends

Energy loss through Windows and doors accounts for about 50% of the building, of which energy loss through glass accounts for about 75%. Under certain conditions, the heat radiation and conduction of

Feb. 15 domestic soda price trend forecast

Since early February, the price of soda ash in the east China market has dropped, including the ex-factory price of light alkali 1650-1700 yuan/ton and that of heavy alkali 1900-1950 yuan/ton. At pres
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